Frequently Asked Questions

Web Services blocks access to the administrative portion of your site from off-campus. There are thousands of blocked login attempts daily from bots, hackers, etc. Blocking all access off-campus helps us keep your site secure.

If you’re off-campus and try to log on, you may receive this message:

If you have already installed the Pulse VPN software on your computer, connect to the VPN and try again. 

If you haven’t, you’ll need to install it.  Here’s the ACNS page with specifics:

And here’s a link directly to the VPN Client Downloads:

Once you follow those directions and log in to the VPN, you should be able to visit your site’s login, and log in with your Ename and password.

If you are still unable to login, please visit  Copy and paste the contents of that page, and submit a help request here: //

In order to log in, go to your site’s domain name, and type /wp-admin after it.  For example: https://<yoursitehere>

Contact to become a member of the CSU Web Developers Microsoft Team.  This MS Team is for anyone involved in the creation and oversight of CSU’s web presence (content creators, designers, developers, etc.), not just code developers.

Please contact us at and we can help you!